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To celebrate the launch of The Bass Music Awards America in Association with PlayStation™Music,
we curated a project like no other alongside the Miami based JL Audio America team. We took the cars of three of the biggest artists at Dirtybird Records for a month and let the tech teams loose at Pacific Stereo and Hi-Tech Car Audio: Claude VonStroke (recently voted America’s Best DJ) and brothers Justin Martin and Christian Martin were totally “blown away”. Watch the videos below to see what happened!!!

Claude VonStroke:

Founder of Dirtybird Records, Claude VonStroke, first lays eyes on his classic 1980 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible with a completely custom JL Audio soundsystem, built by Pacific Stereo in Riverside, California for the Bass Music Movement and JL Audio collaborative project.

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Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Hello Mr. Jello

Dirty BirdFirst they had a feather fight. Then they did what’s known in the industry as ‘the gettup’ and proceeded to tear a hole into 2013… Now San Fran / Bristol’s finest dynamic duo return with two more beastly jams.

“Steven Jello” takes us on a deep journey into the groove space continuum. Boasting a strutting cosmic bassline, hypnotic percussion, weeping synth flurries and a timeless house vocal shot, it’s Justin and Eats at their most contemplative. Heads down, feet to the floor, get busy… We have no idea who Steven Jello is, but as he’s inspired a tribute like this, we’re already in love with the man.



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PlezierWhat does your name mean?
My name simply means “Pleasure”

What was the last tune that you purchased?
I honestly don’t remember, i receive a lot of promo tracks.

What artist are you really digging right now?
Flume is really good, Kastle, Justin martin…

If you could kiss anyone who would it be and what song would be playing in the background?
I would kiss my girlfriend, song would be mine “plezier – That was me” 🙂

Your release ‘Anthem’ was a huge track, getting support from the likes of Claude Vonstroke, Skream and Jackmaster, but in your opinion, what’s the best tune you’ve written and why?
I was very happy to receive support from these artists and i really like that song too but i think my best tune is the remix i did for “Soulmagic – Someone like you”. It has the same energy and vibe than Anthem but the voice sample is just perfect.

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