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Do you run a label and wish to be listed as a supporter?
We have a vast amount of labels supporting our brands and the music scene but we always welcome more and try to feature as much good music as time permits. Label submissions and tracks are all kept within the Bass Music Movement office and at no point uploaded as full length tracks or passed onto DJ’s that supply us with podcast/dj mixes/radio shows. As you would expect full credit are always listed, read our aim and you will see our plan is to promote the music and it’s artists not to earn from the music releases we don’t own.

Are you a DJ or Podcast creator and would you like to heard on Bass Music on Demand?
Our plan from the beginning is to showcase music that we enjoy from the currently unheard artist to the headliners!
Do you know we’ve given Hannah Wants, Sigma, Gorgon City, My Nu Leng and many more now house hold names their first ever awards.

If you wish to see and hear yourself on our platform then please head to our submission page to see our current aims/music wanted.

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