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IN SESSION: SKREAM – MIXMAG – BASS MUSIC MOVEMENT by Bass Music Movement on Mixcloud

Over the past few year’s Oliver Jones aka Skream has been experimenting creatively, and it’s safe to say that his transition from dubstep flag-bearer to house and techno maestro is complete. A now worldwide entity, Jones has played in every corner of the globe and brought his technically solid mixing and on-point track selection to the masses.

Skream In Session

Alongside artists and friends such as Benga, Artwork and SGT Pokes, Skream is part of a UK crew that bring the party and maintain the levels of fun that every DJ set should have. You always know that they’re having a riot and in turn you lose your shit with them.

Of course he made his name with some of the biggest dubstep tracks of all time but his shift in sound and change in musical direction has seen just as much success as his previous low-end rumblings. Tracks like ‘Sticky’, ‘Bang That’ and ‘Kreepin’ show off the same high-quality production traits but with a 4/4 makeover.

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