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1, What is under the mask?
a) An ugly, smelly, hairy Funt<<<<<——-
b) A massive nose
c) My uncle Frank
d) Cute little drawn on whiskers

2, Are you as disturbed and dirty as your music and why?

No actually, I’m a lot more sombre and excitable, the music turns me into some sort of crazy angry monster.

3, What does the future hold for Dubstep?

FuntCaseWho knows? All I can say is, scenes may come and go and phases will happen, but in the long run I feel dubstep is still strong, it’s here to stay and will be with the rest of the stayers.

4, If you had to choose women, music or curry what would it be and why?

Music… curry’s make your ass hurt, women make your head hurt.

5, Who is the moodiest DJ you have ever met?

Most DJ’s I’ve met have been really safe but I’ve been with Doctor P when he’s tired……

6, What hobbies (not music related) do you have?

Football, graffiti, playing consoles and generally being a fucking bastard

7, How do you break through in the music game?

It’s a combination of luck and talent. I was definitely lucky but true talent, even if not quickly, will always pass through. All it takes is a known DJ to rep the music and you’re set!

FuntCase8, What do you dislike about the music industry the most and why?

Negativity to the tracks that people either don’t like or their attitude to producers dabbling in different styles.

9, Do you worry about what the future holds for Funtcase or do you know where you will be in 10 years?

Of course, I know how lucky I am and I may not be doing this forever, but I won’t go out quietly…

10, If you were sponsored by a cartoon character who would it be and why?

Mickey Mouse, he’s worth loads…show me the money!

Bonus question, What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?

Spending so long trying to break into drum n bass when dubstep was there all along!!

Circus RecordsCheck out the latest release from FuntCase
Don’t P*ss Me Off
Circus Records

1. Everybody Knows (feat. Foreign Beggars and The OGz [P Money and Crew])
2. Don’t P*ss Me Off (feat. MIK)
3. Stomptown
4. Angry Claws
5. Charged Particle (feat. Engine Earz)
6. FAIL!
7. Predator
8. Titanium (feat. DaniilSvetlov)

One of Circus Record’s filthiest and with the most loyal fans on the scene, you can rely on FuntCase to bring the bass overload. ‘Don’t P*ss Me Off’ released 17th March via Circus is an eight-track turbo-charged electronic flex.

Featuring collaborations with Foreign Beggars and The OGz on ‘Everybody Knows’, FuntCase marries grime flavours with that trademark bass synth, while title track ‘Don’t P*ss Me Off’ featuring MIK ups tempo and battens down the hatches for a grinding dancefloor bomb.

Further guests come in the shape of Engine Earz on ‘Charged Particle’ and Pearl sponsored metal drummer Daniil Svetlov on ‘Titanium’; a track to blast away any doubts about the power of that energetic, aggressive death metal drumming style that infiltrates FuntCase’s rawest sounds. ‘Angry Claws’ is intense; the audio, pogo-packaged titled after FuntCase’s on-stage claw trademark.

Known for his raw and dirty style, FuntCase AKA James Hazellhas developed massively since trading tracks with Circus co-founder Doctor P, which led to the release of monster track ‘So Vexed’ on the iconic label in 2010. An ever-growing international phenomenon, this is one influential music player you won’t ever want to get on the wrong side of.

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