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Dub PistolsBass Music Movement are honoured to catch up with one of the most exciting bands of the 20th/21st century! They fuse dub reggae with all of the electronic styles that we know and love including Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Breaks, House and Hip Hop. Their 5 studio albums are timeless, their achievements are inspirational and they are absolute animals on stage (in a very very good way!).

The Dub Pistols have performed alongside acts such as the Happy Mondays and the Specials plus they have remixed tracks for the likes of Moby, Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Limp Bizkit and the Crystal Method plus the Pistols have had their music licensed to feature film sound tracks and video games such as Blade 2, Mystery Men, Pro BMX, FIFA 99, NBA Live 08, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Tony Hawkes Pro Skater.


When was the birth of the Dub Pistols and why was the band launched?

I made the first Dub Pistols track “There’s Gonna be a Riot” in 1987 after hearing the Chemical Brothers or The Dust Brothers as they where first know as then. I had just had enough of the cheesy house shizz that was around at the time and the Chemical Bros sound was so fresh that I went in to Sabersonic Studios (home to the Sabres of Paradise) with Keith Tenniswood we got completely hammered and the Pistols where born!

It must be very difficult keeping things together with such a huge crew of members. Who sorts out the headache of logistics, bookings and general band management?

Keeping any band together is always the biggest challenge, finding 8 people that get on is another thing, then hoping everyone is available when shows come in ect but I’m also lucky to have such great musicians within the band such as Tim Hutton who can play Drums, guitar, bass, and horns so if for some reason someone isn’t available he can fill any position.

What happens if your extremely handsome drummer Jack  gets a bad bout of food poisoning while you are on tour and cant slap the snare?

Dub Pistols

You can’t be ill in a band the show must go on as they say and if he can’t slap the snare then slap him!

What has been the highlight for the Pistols career so far? 

Too many to mention working with the likes of Terry hall, Gregory Issacs, Horace Andy, Busta Rymes, playing to 2 million people live on TV in Poland and France to Glastonbury with Neville Staples to signing a £1 million deal to geffen in America but i hope the best is still to come.

Who is the biggest intoxication fiend? (We think we know this one)

I don’t know what you mean ?

What is the funniest situation the Dub Pistols have been in?

I honestly can’t remember much of what has happened, its been a big messy blur throughout most of our careers. We have been thrown out of countries, tarnished from many cities and towns which I would rather leave in the past.

Do you guys do regular things together such as picnics in the park, trips to the theatre or foreign gang bangs?

We see so much of each other on tour that we really don’t hang out when we are home anymore.

Have you got any advice for anyone wanting to break in to the music industry?Dub Pistols

Just keep going, believing in what you are doing and never give up!!!

If you could pick one act to warm up for who would it be and why?

Well we have opened for the Specials and the Happy Mondays so maybe the Rolling Stones just because they are the biggest band in the world.

What bad habits have the band members got? (please name and shame!)

It would be easier to name the ones they haven’t got any :)

Thank you to the wonderful Barry Ashworth for taking the time out of his extremely busy schedule to complete this interview for Bass Music Movement (hats off).