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DJ Shadow’s Liquid Amber Introduces New Duo: Nite School Klik

Nite School Klik are…well, it would be easier to start off by saying who they’re NOT.
They’re not a couple of kids who tumbled off the bus on Troost, looking to make it big in the greeting card industry…nor are they disheveled escapees from an offshore Tabasco conglomerate. Or rather, they would be, if they hadn’t decided to follow their dream of uniting together to provide for less. Less WHAT? Ah, that’s where it gets interesting…

Only after pooling their respective talents was it discovered that Nite School Klik, when combined, result in a tacky, almost metallic substance which has been proven to reduce time with sanding, etching and more. “Gemology is really our first love,” they insist, “But we couldn’t help ourselves, we just had to. It was in the stars.”
Actually, it was science instructor Nicky Re David who first suggested that the group separate. “They had served their usefulness, and really it just made sense to part. That’s when they became unstoppable as a unit, and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Nite School Klik

Inevitably, though, the group did split, reforming nearly at the beginning, immediately before disbanding. And, after many gruelling sessions, we see that they really have gelled into quite a stellar unit. “If only they hadn’t broken up,” suggests Re David. “They could have really changed everything.” Indeed, one begins to wonder what further contributions might have resulted from their particular synergy… but it remains a dream, until which time we only have these, the latest in what we hope is a long list of musical delights from Nite School Klik and the boys. “We’re working all the time, in fact stopping was the best decision we ever made,” they reveal.

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