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1, Who is your favourite ever musician/artist?
Louis Armstrong, he was like the coolest Great Uncle i never had but wish i did.

2, Who are the 5 people that have influenced your life the most (other than your folkes or god)?
Daley Thompson – Miles Davis – Miss Piggy – ahh bollocks, I cant do it in 5 I need 50 at least.

3, When did you first discover electronic music?
first time i listened to Kraftwerk on either Top of The Pops or The Old Grey Whistle Test…..back when everything was black and white.

4, Would you class yourself as a geek or a gangster?
I am a GEEKANGSTER, “dont f**k with me or I will scandalously realign your transliteration with my synchronised algebra.”


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East London quartet Rudimental are on a mission to bring back soul into electronic music. Comprising songwriters and producers Piers Agget, Kesi Dryden and Amir Amor, together with DJ Locksmith, the four men use their eclectic musical backgrounds and sense of teamwork to keep their finger firmly on the pulse of dance music. Rudimental first made their mark in the burgeoning UK funky scene of 2008-09, cutting their teeth on London pirate radio station Deja Vu –the former home of names as big as Dizzee Rascal and Kano.

With constant plays on Radio 1, Rinse FM, and Kiss FM this group who release on Black Butter Records are going to keep things moving and we will be here to support them on their journey.

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FWD resident and Rinse FM broadcaster Plastician is a true cross over artist. Pushing the Bass, Dubstep and Grime scene’s in a big way since 2001 riding the waves to success.
Being based in Croydon, he was part of an incredibly closeknit community of young producers writing dark Garage tracks that would catch the ear of Big Apple Records resident DJ Hatcha supporting them on his popular pirate radio show. Other producers in this circle included Skream, Benga and Artwork/Menta.

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This week we have the ‘Bass Boutique’ captain who has done heaps over the years, as it says on his Soundcloud“A bonafide musical shapeshifter”. He manages to keep things fresh, interesting and bass led (which is why we love him). We don’t know where he finds the time to make so much music, perhaps he is a 21st century easter bunny with 1000′s of minions making music for him to provide us? Whatever the case Deekline keeps us bouncing.

Deekline is that rare figure in dance music, the seminal producer who balances the cutting edge and the mainstream with effortless flair.

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