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Harry Shotta


Bass Music Movement catch up with the multi award winning, extremely talented MC, lyricist, artist and new age Junglist soldier, Harry Shotta!

Shotz (as we now call him) is living, breathing, spitting proof that lashings of hard work, dedication and ambition can catapult you to the top of your chosen pursuit!

This exclusive interview highlights that success can be clutched if you believe in yourself, stay focussed and remain grateful for your position in whatever it is you are working towards.




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ATOMIC DROP – In The Spot Light

Atomic Drop


After hearing Atomic Drop live at Relay (Cable London) I knew we had to hunt these guys down!
This time round from the lads we have an interview, also mix to follow very soon.

1, Who is your favourite ever musician/artist?

Difficult to say but possibly Daft Punk or Led Zeppelin.

2, Who are the 5 people that have influenced your life the most (other than your folk’s or god)?

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This time around we meet London based DJ Menos aka Alex Morton. We have seen him throwing out the beats throughout our travels over the year’s and always impressed with his style, skills and crowd pleasing approach we asked Menos to roll out an exclusive mix especially for Bass Music Movement.

He is also known for his involvement within the hugely reputable club night Innersoul, which is very quickly becoming the who’s who within the Liquid Drum and Bass scene.

DJ Menos is showcasing  his secret laid back side and with this selection we hear his collection stray away from his usual liquid style. So enjoy this 68 mins of Bass Music incorporating a real Garage flavour!

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