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ArdalanGrowing up in Iran, tell us how that influenced your musical journey…
Growing up in Iran was pretty crucial to my understanding of music. I moved quite a lot back and fourth. I was also exposed to Techno in Iran. I felt that it encouraged me to stay open to all the different sounds and music that I would hear from Iran and California.

What else do you do, other than create bangin’ Bass Music? 
Help make vine videos with Justin Martin and making a fool out of myself!

Have you ever been involved in other musical projects other than ‘Ardalan’? 
When I first started music, I did stuff under “Ardish” which was a darker techno sound but never released anything under it. Who knows, the future is bright!

You’ve released a few tracks with Justin Martin (including the super club tune ‘Mr Spock’), after sending him a demo resulting in him wanting to work with you straight away, how did you react when you got a response?
I was really excited! Never would I thought, I would get to collaborate with my favorite producer who would also inspire me with my own productions.

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Dub Police bring to light another shining talent yet again. Young South London based DJ and producer Mydas may be a new name to many, but his musical experimentations run deep. The Mydas project bares the mark of an accomplished producer. His unique take on Bass Music is what our ears have picked up leading us to this interview…

Congratulations on the long awaited 2nd EP! What are you happiest about with this new release? 

Thanks, I’m happiest with the fact that all three tracks are distinct but have an overall sound that is distinguishably me.

You and Loz Contreras released the track ‘Where the River Flows’ last year via free download. On the new EP the 2nd track ‘Mistakes’ you’ve collaborated once again. What does Contreras bring to the table when you’re both writing together? 

Me and Loz have very similar ideas of how we want our music to sound that’s why we work so well together. I had it sitting around for ages but it needed something extra, so I sent it to Loz and immediately he knew what to do with it.

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WotNotFounded by Arun Sethi and Jed Joseph in 2011, the WotNot record label already have 12 first class releases under their belt with influences of soul, 80’s, dance, electronic, IDM.  Bass Music Movement chat with the duo to find out what goes into running a label and what exciting new ventures they have in the pipeline…

How was WotNot born?

WotNot came from wanting to contribute to the world of music and the exciting changes that were happening within the industry at the time. We’d already been making music together for about eight years so a label just felt like a natural progression to help share the music that we love with more people.

Are you both from a musical background and if so, do you think this has helped you in your venture with running a label?

We’ve both grown up with music around us, although mostly not in a professional way, so music was central to our lives from a young age. While that’s obviously led to where we are now, I think the fact that we both grew up in families where culture and learning was important has had a much bigger impact on the way we do things at WotNot, because we’re so passionate about sharing the music that we find interesting and engaging people with new ideas.

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PlezierWhat does your name mean?
My name simply means “Pleasure”

What was the last tune that you purchased?
I honestly don’t remember, i receive a lot of promo tracks.

What artist are you really digging right now?
Flume is really good, Kastle, Justin martin…

If you could kiss anyone who would it be and what song would be playing in the background?
I would kiss my girlfriend, song would be mine “plezier – That was me” 🙂

Your release ‘Anthem’ was a huge track, getting support from the likes of Claude Vonstroke, Skream and Jackmaster, but in your opinion, what’s the best tune you’ve written and why?
I was very happy to receive support from these artists and i really like that song too but i think my best tune is the remix i did for “Soulmagic – Someone like you”. It has the same energy and vibe than Anthem but the voice sample is just perfect.

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