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Jafu Interview for Bass Music Movement

JafuBased in Ontario, Canada, James Fuller aka ‘Jafu’ started dabbling with production in his early teens when he got his hands on Fruity Loops. Since then he has cultivated one of the most distinctive styles in bass music, typified by precision drum programming, bouncy subs & refined synthesis.

Releases on Deep Heads, Solace Records & Vulcan Audio speak to his recent success, as does support from artists such as Ruckspin & Solitude. Self taught on the keys, another distinctive element of James’ production are his uplifting chord transitions and lead solos.

How long did it take you, from first dabbling in production to decide you were ready to show your music to the world?

I started learning about producing when I was about 13. It wasn’t until I was about 17 though that I felt like I wanted to become a serious producer. At that point I started uploading some tracks to soundcloud under the alias ‘Tempra’.

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