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VariationsBass Music Movement take time out to have a good old heart to heart with Dub Police signing Variations!

We talk about life, music and pizza toppings (the worlds 3 most important things!).

So why and when was Variations conceived and born?

We were in a brutal metal band for years in college before we begun exploring production and electronic music. We got into scene through our shared love for liquid drum &bass around 5 years ago now, becoming avid ravers of all things Hospital Records and Soul:ution etc and producing a similar style. It wasn’t until we were booked to play Bloc Party Festival in Birmingham that we decided to go and check out some other DJ’s we knew of but hadn’t seen before. This is when we stumbled upon the dopest ghost in town in the Rainbow Warehouse complex. We were blown away with the sound Caspa was pushing immediately and decided that we wanted to have a go at making dubstep. At that point we were making different genres and styles so the name Variations made sense to us!

What is your main aim and ultimate goal?

To make music we love for as long as possible and share it with as many people who care. Of course gaining the mutual respect of our peers would be amazing too.

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David BoomahWe catch up with the multi talented singer, songwriter, emcee and showman David Boomah just as his debut album ‘One World Many Cultures’ drops on the super hench imprint V Recordings!

Did you have a theme planned with the album?
No not really I just wrote songs according to the instrumentals that were sent to me, in fact some of the songs on the album are about 10 years old so it’s a mixture of tracks over a long period of time that somehow have formed one body of work and I think they fit well.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Aww man that is a hard question….I think there have been many highlights ….performing to an 800 strong Lithuanian crowd who can’t speak english but could manage to sing my songs back to me (music has no language barriers)…performing alongside Congo Natty, Daddy Freddy, Tenor Fly and Code Breaker to about 7000 people in Madrid and also performing with Code Breaker 4.1 at Glastonbury 2010 to a road block tent on my birthday.

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Talkl and Nulight


Taiki and NuLight produce and release the colder, grittier more industrial side of Bass Music displaying an exciting fusion of Jungle, Electro and Garage influences.

With their music being supported by the Bass Music scenes king pins, DJ shows all over the globe and releases on imprints such as Cheap Thrills, Benga Beats and Relentless Records things are definitely moving in the right direction for these boys!

Bass Music Movement have a quick catch up with them, read the full exclusive interview below…


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1, What is under the mask?
a) An ugly, smelly, hairy Funt<<<<<——-
b) A massive nose
c) My uncle Frank
d) Cute little drawn on whiskers

2, Are you as disturbed and dirty as your music and why?

No actually, I’m a lot more sombre and excitable, the music turns me into some sort of crazy angry monster.

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RednekWe catch up with one of the most interesting and original artists of the moment! This guy is writing and producing bad arse bass music with edge, originality and bucket loads of personality!

The main thing that attracted us to the Rednek sound was his hilarious and charismatic videos that compliment his music. He isn’t some dick head moody Dubstep producer trying to look cool with a funny hair cut, leather jacket and shades. He is a very talented Dubstep producer, too far in to the music industry to take things too seriously (with a funny haircut, leather jacket and shades).


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