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LOKO – In The Spot Light



We have seen that our friends over at Kmag have interviewed LoKo.

LoKo is a artist we have been following and glad to see Kmag picking LoKo out for a interview. LoKo’s journey began in the world’s festival capital, Glastonbury.
This is where LoKo (AKA Nathan Alecsander-Gray) would first discover his musical talent and natural love for electronic music.

Right at the beginning of his career he set the bar high, winning a remix competition and supporting acts such as Pendulum and Goldie, all of which would really give him a taste for what was to come.



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KARASHO – In The Spot Light



Karasho are an Italian duo based in sunny Rimini (alright for some). The boys are known for their analog bass synth productions and dark, heavy electro stamp.

With an upcoming release on the Californian label Heavy Artillery Records, and live gigs across Europe up until their Spring North America Tour in 2013 Karasho are being kept extremely busy.



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ATOMIC DROP – In The Spot Light

Atomic Drop


After hearing Atomic Drop live at Relay (Cable London) I knew we had to hunt these guys down!
This time round from the lads we have an interview, also mix to follow very soon.

1, Who is your favourite ever musician/artist?

Difficult to say but possibly Daft Punk or Led Zeppelin.

2, Who are the 5 people that have influenced your life the most (other than your folk’s or god)?

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KNIFE PARTY – In The Spot Light

Knife Party


Knife Party are an Australian Electro House/Dubstep duo founded by two members of the live Drum & Bass band Pendulum; Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.

Knife Party played their debut performance at Space in Ibiza on the 5 August 2011, and released a free download of their set on the 6 August 2011 to huge interest.

Their first EP ‘100% No Modern Talking’ was released digitally through Pendulum’s record label Ear Storm. It was also released as free download from their official website and Facebook, as well as being available for purchase on Beatport and iTunes on 12th December 2011. The EP originally was to feature ‘Back to the Z-List’ but was replaced with ‘Destroy Them with Lazers’ as Knife Party no longer liked that track.

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